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IT Security Solutions

Understanding the growing number of network and internet threats to businesses, Microbase provides simplified security solutions that will help enhance customer protection and address concerns on integrated security suites, network threat management, data protection, among others.

Data Center Solutions

Continuous increase of records and information is now apparent in expanding businesses. That is why, it is important for a business to have a system that can manage and protect corporate data from possible loss and system disasters. Microbase provides solutions that will ensure management of data within your environment.

Unified Communications

Engagement of the people is now valued wherever they maybe located, creating a more agile & profitable business. Microbase offers complete communication solutions with messaging, collaboration, audio-conferencing, videoconferencing, and enterprise social media tools.

Network Infrastructure

As with all businesses, the performance of their network infrastructure has a critical contribution on the efficiency and productvity of the whole organization. Thus, Microbase offers enterprise network solutions that will help secure and accelerate business to a higher level.

Computer Peripherals, Software, Parts & Supplies

The use of computer systems is relevant to any business. Microbase offers a wide range of IT hardware and software products, peripherals and consumables that will enable customers to choose among the best technologies applicable to them.       


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